Annihilating DifferenceThe Anthropology of Genocide

Annihilating DifferenceThe Anthropology of Genocide

Alexander Laban Hinton

Print publication date: 2012

ISBN: 9780520230286

Publisher: University of California Press


Genocide is one of the most pressing issues that confront us today. Its death toll is staggering: over one hundred million dead. Because of their intimate experience in the communities where genocide takes place, anthropologists are uniquely positioned to explain how and why this mass annihilation occurs and the types of devastation genocide causes. This book explores a wide range of cases, including Nazi Germany, Cambodia, Guatemala, Rwanda, and Bosnia.

Table of Contents

Part One Modernity's Edges: Genocide and Indigenous Peoples

Part Two Essentializing Difference: Anthropologists in the Holocaust

Part Three Annihilating Difference: Local Dimensions of Genocide

Part Four Genocide's Wake: Trauma, Memory, Coping, and Renewal

10 Aftermaths of Genocide: Cambodian Villagers

May Ebihara, and Judy Ledgerwood

Part Five Critical Reflections: Anthropology and The Study of Genocide

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