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Into the Twilight of Sanskrit Court PoetryThe Sena Salon of Bengal and Beyond$

Jesse Ross Knutson

Print publication date: 2014

Print ISBN-13: 9780520282056

Published to California Scholarship Online: September 2014

DOI: 10.1525/california/9780520282056.001.0001

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(p.133) Appendix B The Complete Verses Attributed to Govardhana (Not Found in the Āryāsaptaśatī)

(p.133) Appendix B The Complete Verses Attributed to Govardhana (Not Found in the Āryāsaptaśatī)

Into the Twilight of Sanskrit Court Poetry
University of California Press

Saduktikarṇāmṛta 513

  • niryantraṇaṃ vihara mā ciraya prasīda
  • kiṃ vepase pavanavellitavallarīva |
  • kṣīrodacañcaladṛgañcalapātamātraiḥ
  • krīte jane ka iva saṃbhramasannirodhaḥ | |

Take pleasure without restraint. Don't delay. Calm down. Why do you tremble like a vine shaken by the wind? When the mere pulsing of your eyes’ edges, pulsating like the sea of milk, has purchased this man as your slave, why check your excitement?

Saduktikarṇāmṛta 875

  • hāro yatra vyavadhiracanā tvaṃtu yenāparādho
  • romodbhedopy aśithilatarālinṅgaṇeṣv antarāyaḥ |
  • yasmin vāñchā viramati mitho nārdhanārīśvaratve
  • tad dāmpatyaṃ vibhajatu kathaṃkāram anyā mṛgākṣī | |

Where only a necklace is a barrier between bodies, you through some indis-cretion and she with her hair standing on end are the only impediments to tight embraces. When a man and woman's desire mutually to merge in a her-maphrodite form [like the one Pārvatī and Śiva assumed] fails to subside, it will take another doe-eyed lady to somehow separate them.

Saduktikarṇāmṛta 986

  • nāthānanṅga nideśavartini jane kas te ‘bhyasūyārasaś-
  • cāpāropitasāyakasya bhavataḥ ko nāma pātraṃ ruṣaḥ |
  • viśrāmyantu śarā niṣīdatu dhanuḥ śiñjāpi saṃ yamyatāṃ
  • mākandānṅkurakomale manasi naḥ ko bāṇamokṣagrahaḥ | |

(p.134) O bodiless Love, my master, why such spirit of aggression when this man follows all your orders? Why is he the target of your rage, as you raise your bow with arrow ready to strike? Rest your arrows. Let the bow lie and undo the bowstring. What is the point of firing arrows at my heart as tender as a mango sprout?

Saduktikarṇāmṛta 1195

  • vapustimyaccīnāṃśukanibiḍapīnorujaghana-
  • stanānāṃ niścyotaccikurapayasāṃ pakṣmaladṛśām |
  • nimagnottīrṇānāṃ pramadavanavāpītaṭajuṣāṃ
  • didṛkṣābhir devo ravir atha rathaṃ mantharayati | |

Bodies getting wet under Chinese silk, snuggling fat thighs, buttocks, breasts. Eyelashes throwing off water, running down from hair-locks. Submerged and then wading up on the other side, these ladies enjoy the pond in a pleasure grove. Lusting to look at them, even the Sun-god now slows his chariot in the sky.

Saduktikarṇāmṛta 1210

  • uddhūtā dhūmadhārā virahijanamanomāthino manmathāgneḥ
  • kastūrīpatramālā timiratatir aho dikpurandhrīmukhānām |
  • nirvāṇānṅgāralekhā divasahutabhujaḥ saṃcaraccañcarīka-
  • śreṇīyaṃ bhāti bhāsvatkaralulitanabhaḥ kandarendīvarasya | |

Streams of black smoke from Love's fire shoot up, churning the hearts of separated lovers. Swarming darkness makes leaf designs of musk on the faces of the cardinal points, those noble ladies. Lines of burnt charcoal are left over from the sacrificial fire that is the day. The sky at close of day smeared by the setting sun appears just like a blue lotus in a valley quivering with a row of black bees.

Saduktikarṇāmṛta 2059

  • luṭhadvīcimauliḥ paripatati pūrvaṃ caraṇayor
  • athoru gṛhṇāti spṛśati jaghanābhogam abhitaḥ |
  • karau dhatte madhyaṃ kalayati samāśliṣyati kucā
  • kacān apy ādatte priya iva taḍāgo mṛgadṛśām | |

A rolling head of waves falls before her feet. It grabs her thighs. It feels every-where on her curving hips and buttocks. It advances current-hands and clasps her waist; it squeezes her breasts. It even pulls her hair. The pond is like a lover to those doe-eyed ladies.

Śārnṅgadharapaddhati 3400

  • (p.135) astamitaviṣayasanṅgā mukulitanayanotpalā muhuḥ śvasitā |
  • dhyāyati kim apy alakṣyaṃ bālā yogābhiyukteva | |

Contact with sense-objects has ceased. The lotuses of her eyes are shut. She breathes deep sighs. She meditates on something invisible, that young girl, as if rapt in yoga. (p.136)