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Age of IrreverenceA New History of Laughter in China$

Christopher Rea

Print publication date: 2015

Print ISBN-13: 9780520283848

Published to California Scholarship Online: May 2016

DOI: 10.1525/california/9780520283848.001.0001

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(p.193) Appendix Two Which Classic? Editions and Paratexts

(p.193) Appendix Two Which Classic? Editions and Paratexts

Age of Irreverence
University of California Press

I. Editions

This list of editions, which follows the citation format used in Altenburger (2001–2), augments those previously compiled by Roland Altenburger and Chen Yingshi (Chen 2005). One important but overlooked early edition is HD 1928a, printed in Guangzhou, which contains three exuberantly mocking prefaces. Also notable is a 2003 Braille edition. Several Taipei editions published between 1954 and 1980 disprove the claim (in HD 2000: 289) that He Dian “ceased circulation” between 1949 and 1981. Chinese characters and English translations appear only in the first instance.

  • HD 1878—(Anonymous). He Dian 何典‎ (Which Classic?). Edited by Guoluren 過路人‎; comm. Chanjia er xiansheng 纒夾二先生‎. Shanghai: Shenbaoguan. Reprint: Shanghai: Shanghai guji chubanshe, 1990. (Guben xiaoshuo jicheng, vol. 92.)

  • HD 1894a—(Anonymous). He Dian. Shanghai: Tushu jicheng yinshuju.

  • HD 1894b—Edited by Zhang Nanzhuang 張南莊‎. Di shiyi caizi shu guihua lianpian lu 第十一才子書鬼話連篇錄‎ (The Eleventh Book of Genius: A Pack of Lies). Comm. Chen Deren 陳得仁‎. Lithographic printing. Shanghai: Jinji shuzhuang.

  • HD [ca. 1911–25]—Shuo guihua zushi 說鬼話祖師‎ (The Devil-Talk Master). Xiuxiang zhenzheng guihua lianpian 繡像真正鬼言舌連篇‎ (The Illustrated Authentic Chains of Devil Talk). 2 vols. Lithographic printing. Shanghai: Wenyi shuju.

  • HD 1926a—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Edited by Liu Fu 劉復‎. Shanghai: Beixin shuju. Some words censored. Printed May 1926.

  • (p.194) HD 1926b—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Edited by Liu Fu. Shanghai: Beixin shuju. Printed July 1926.

  • HD 1926c—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Edited by Lu Youbai 陸友白‎. Shanghai: Qingyun tushu gongsi. First printing: July 1926. Third printing: May 1928. Sheep leather cover. Text based on Beixin edition.

  • HD 1928a—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian? 何典‎? Edited by Chang Chao 相超‎. Guangzhou: Shoukuang chubanbu. Print run: 2,000 copies. Hong Kong distribution.

  • HD 1928b—Guoluren. He Dian. Shanghai: Qingyun tushu gongsi.

  • HD 1929—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Edited by Liu Fu. Shanghai: Beixin shuju. 3rd printing.

  • HD 1932—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Collected in Shijie youmo quanji 世界幽默全集‎ (An Anthology of World Humor). Edited by Masuda Wataru 增田涉‎. (Publisher unknown).

  • HD 1933—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Edited by Liu Fu. Revised edition: censored words restored. Shanghai: Beixin shuju.

  • HD 1934—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Punct. Zhou Yuhao 周郁浩‎; collat. Ma Juren 馬舉仁‎. Shanghai: Dada tushu gongyingshe. Cover advertises “new-style punctuation” (新式標點‎). Second ed.: 1935.

  • HD 1946—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Collected in Wan ren shouce di yi ji 萬人手冊第一輯‎ (A Handbook for All: Volume One). Shanghai: Youlian. Cover inscription: “The Immortal Masterpiece Recommended by Mr. Wu Zhihui” (吳稚暉先生推薦不朽傑作‎). Bowdlerized edition.

  • HD 1949—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Shanghai: Beixin shuju. 6th edition. Cover inscription: “Recommended by Wu Zhihui” (吳稚暉推薦‎).

  • HD [ca. 1911–49]—(unknown). He Dian. (Publisher unknown). Cover inscription: “Mr. Wu Zhihui’s Writing Teacher” (吳稚暉先生的文學老師‎). Color cover illustration of two skulls.

  • HD 1954—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Punct. Liu Bannong; supplemental punct. Lou Tsu-k’uang 婁子匡‎; comm. Chen Deren; comm. Chanjia er xiansheng; essay by Zhu Jiefan 朱介凡‎. Cover inscription by Jingheng 敬恒‎ [Wu Zhihui]. Genre: “A Curious Novel of Chinese Proverbs” (中國諺語長篇奇情小説‎). Taipei: Dongfang wenhua gongying she. (Dongfang wencong, no. 19.) Based on 1933 Beixin edition.

  • HD 1955—Zhang Nanzhuang. Ren gui zhi jian 人鬼之間‎ (Between Men and Devils). Taipei: Qiming shuju.

  • HD 1970—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Edited by Lou Tsu-k’uang. Annot. Liu Fu. Taipei: Dongfang wenhua gongying she. (Minsu congshu, no. 8.)

  • HD 1973—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian ji qita 何典及其他‎ (Which Classic?, Etc.). Comm. Chen Mingcheng 陳明誠‎. Taipei: Tianren chubanshe.

  • HD 1976—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Taipei: Changge chubanshe. (Changge Zhongguo gudian ming zhu congkan.)

  • (p.195) HD 1977—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Edited by Guoluren; comm. Chanjia er xiansheng. Taipei: Xinxing shuju. (Biji xiaoshuo daguan, vol. 20, no. 6, pp. 3707–3810.) Facsimile reprint of 1878 edition. Reprinted in 1990.

  • HD 1980—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Taipei: Heluo tushu chubanshe.

  • HD 1981a—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Beijing: Renmin wenxue chubanshe. (Zhongguo xiaoshuo shiliao congshu.)

  • HD 1981b—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Comm. Chen Deren. Beijing: Gong-shang chubanshe.

  • HD 1985—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Shanghai: Shanghai shudian. Series: “Selected Books with a Preface or Afterword by Lu Xun” (魯迅作序跋的著作選輯‎).

  • HD 1990—(Anonymous). Gui hua lian pian 鬼話連篇‎ (Chains of Devil Talk).

  • Edited by Chen Guohui 陳國輝‎. Hong Kong: Jinhui chubanshe. Series: “Huangdan qi shu” 荒誕奇書‎ (Fantastic and Remarkable Books).

  • HD 1995—(Anonymous). He Dian. Edited by Zhang Nanzhuang. Beijing: Huaxia chubanshe. (Zhongguo gudian xiaoshuo mingzhu bai bu.)

  • HD 1996—Zhang Nanzhuan. He Dian. Shijiazhuang: Hebei jiaoyu chubanshe. (Lidai biji xiaoshuo jicheng, vol. 87.)

  • HD 1998—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Annotated by Huang Lin 黃霖‎; reviewed Miao Tianhua 缪天華‎. Taipei: Sanmin shuju. Combined volume with Zhan gui zhuan 車斤鬼傳‎ (Smashing the Demons) and Tang Zhong Kui ping gui zhuan 唐鍾通平鬼傳‎ (Zhong Kui of the Tang Quells the Demons). Series: “Famous Classical Chinese Novels” (中國古典名著‎).

  • HD 2000—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian: Xin zhu ben 何典新注本‎ (Which Classic?: Newly Annotated Edition). Edited by Cheng Jiang 成江‎. Shanghai: Xuelin chubanshe. (Zhongguo youmo wenxue jingdian zhuzuo.)

  • HD 2003—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Edited by Ye Mang 野莽‎. Beijing: Zhongguo mangwen chubanshe. Copyright page: “Braille edition published simultaneously.”

  • HD 2009—Zhang Nanzhuang. He Dian. Beijing: Airusheng shuzihua jishu yanjiu zhongxin. Digital edition based on HD 1878.

II. Paratexts

Paratexts listed here include advertisements, introductions, postscripts, commentaries, publishers’ notices, and illustrations that appear in editions of Which Classic? They are listed chronologically by date of composition or first publication. Dates in parentheses at end of each line indicate the earliest known edition of Which Classic? in which the para-text appears. Chinese characters are given only in the first instance.

  • (Anonymous). “He Dian guanggao” 何典廣告‎ (Advertisement for Which Classic?). (1878).

  • Taiping keren 太平客人‎. “Xu” 序‎ (Preface). (1878).

  • Guoluren 過路人‎. “Xu” (Preface). (1878).

  • (p.196) Haishang can xia ke 海上餐霞客‎ (The Shanghai Traveler Who Dines on Rosy Clouds). “Ba” 跋‎ (Afterword). (1878).

  • Wu Zhihui 吳稚暉‎. “Gui pi” 鬼屁‎ (Ghost Farts). Written 1907. (1980).

  • Wu Zhihui. “Fengshui xiansheng” 風水先生‎ (Mr. Fengshui). Written 1909. (1980).

  • Liu Fu 劉復‎. “He Dian zhong guilian yi ban” 何典中鬼臉一斑‎ (Devil Faces from Which Classic?). (1926a).

  • Beixin zhanggui 北新掌櫃‎ (Head of Beixin Books). “Xiang duzhemen daoqian” 向讀者們道歉‎ (An Apology to the Reader). (1926a).

  • Lu Xun 魯迅‎. “Ti ji” 題記‎ (Preface). (1926a).

  • Liu Fu. “Chong yin He Dian xu” 重印何典序‎ (Preface to the Reprint of Which Classic?). (1926b).

  • Beixin zhanggui 北新掌櫃‎ (Head of Beixin Books). “Zai xiang duzhemen daoqian” 再向讀者們道歉‎ (Another Apology to the Reader). (1926b).

  • (Liu) Dabai (劉‎)大白‎. “Du He Dian” 讀何典‎ (Reading Which Classic?). First published 26 June 1926. (2000).

  • Liu Bannong 劉半農‎. “Guanyu He Dian li fangfangfang ji qita” 關於何典裡方方方及其它‎ (On the Empty Squares and Other Things in Which Classic?). First published 27 June 1926. (2000).

  • (Pu) Zhishui (浦‎)止水‎. “Cong He Dian xiangdao Ping Gui Zhuan” 從何典想到平鬼傳‎ (Thinking from Which Classic? to Quelling the Demons). Dated 31 June 1926. (1980).

  • Liu Fu 劉復‎. “You shi guanyu jiaokan He Dian de hua” 又是關於校勘何典的話‎ (More Comments on the Collation of Which Classic?). (1926b).

  • (Liu) Dabai. “Liangge quanr he yibaiyishige kuangr” 雨個圈兒和一百一十個框兒‎ (Two Circles and 110 Squares). First published 8 August 1926. (2000).

  • (Liu) Dabai. “Zaihe ‘wu jia’ Liu Fu boshi kai hui wanxiao (xuqian)” 再和「吾家」劉復博士開回頑笑(續前)‎ (More Joking with “My Relative” Dr. Liu Fu [Continued]). First published 8 August 1926. (2000).

  • (Lin) Shouzhuang 林守庄‎. “Guanyu Liu jiao He Dian de jige kaodezhu de zhengwu”關於劉校何典的幾個靠得住的正誤‎ (Regarding a Few Reliable Corrections to Liu’s Collation of Which Classic?). First published 9 August 1926. (2000).

  • Liu Fu. “Bu yu Liu Dabai xiansheng banzui” 不與劉大白先生拌嘴‎ (No More Bickering with Mr. Liu Dabai). First published 23 August 1926. (2000).

  • (Liu) Dabai. “Jieshao ‘wu jia’ Liu Fu boshi di ji zhong qiaomiao famen” 介紹「吾家」劉復博士底幾種巧妙法門‎ (Introducing a Few of the Clever Methods of “My Relative” Dr. Liu Fu). First published 29 August 1926. (2000).

  • Lin Shouzhuang. “Xu” (Preface). Dated 27 October 1926. (1933).

  • Huang Tianshi 黃天石‎. “Xu” (Preface). (1928a).

  • (p.197) Zheng Tianjian 鄭天健‎. “Xu” (Preface). (1928a).

  • Chang Chao 相超‎. “Xie zai He Dian jiaoding xinben zhiqian” 寫在何典校訂新本之前‎ (Foreword to the Newly Collated and Revised Edition of Which Classic?). (1928a).

  • Yuan Zhenying 袁振英‎.“He Dian? xu” 何典‎? 序‎ (Preface to Which Classic?). (1928a).

  • Liu Fu. “Guanyu He Dian de zai ban” 關於何典的再版‎ (About the Second Edition of Which Classic?). (1933).

  • Lu Xun. “Wei Bannong ti ji He Dian hou, zuo” 為半農題記何典後作‎ (A Follow-Up to My Preface to Bannong’s Which Classic?). (1933).

  • Zhitang 知堂‎ (Zhou Zuoren 周作人‎).“Zhongguo de huaji wenxue” 中國的滑稽文學‎ (China’s Comic Literature). First published in Yuzhou feng 宇宙風‎ (Cosmic Wind) serial Fengyu hou tan 風雨後談‎ (Chats after the Storm), issue 24 (1937), pp. 544–46. (2000).

  • Zhu Jiefan 朱介凡‎. “Lun He Dian de yuyan yunyong” 論何典的語言運用‎ (On the Use of Language in Which Classic?). (1954).

  • (Lou) Tsu-k, uang. “Juantou yu” 卷頭語‎ (Preface). (1954).

  • Lou Tsu-k’uang. “Dai xu: Liang wei su wenxue de zhu shuai: Zhang Nanzhuang he Feng Menglong” 代序‎:雨位俗文學的主帥‎:張南莊和瑪夢龍‎ (In Lieu of a Preface: Two Masters of Low Literature: Zhang Nanzhuang and Feng Menglong). (1970).

  • (Anonymous). “Jianjie He Dian” 簡介何典‎ (A Brief Introduction to Which Classic?). (1976).

  • Zhao Jingshen 趙景深‎. “Ba” (Afterword). Written 1979. (1981a).

  • Ning Yuan 寧遠‎. “He Dian tiyao” 何典提要‎ (A Synopsis of Which Classic?). (1980).

  • Pan Shen 潘慎‎. “Jiao zhu houji” 校注後記‎ (Editor’s Afterword). (1981a).

  • (Anonymous). “Chuban shuoming” 出版說明‎ (Publication Notes). (1981b).

  • Lin Chen 林辰‎. “Huangdan qishu xu” 荒誕奇書序‎ (Preface to the “Fantastic and Remarkable Books” Series). (1990).

  • Gu Xinyi 顧歆藝‎. “Qianyan” 前言‎ (Foreword). (1990).

  • Huang Lin 黃霖‎.“He Dian kaozheng” 何典考証‎ (Textual Research on Which Classic?). (1998).

  • Huang Lin. “Yinyan” 引言‎ (Foreword). (1998).

  • Cheng Jiang 成江‎. “Dianzhu houji” 點注後記‎ (Editor’s Afterword). (2000).

  • Ye Mang 野莽‎. “Ci chu he dian, he chu ci dian” 此出何典‎, 何出此典‎ (Which Classi c Did This Come From, How Did This Classic Emerge). (2003). (p.198)