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The Dinosauria - California Scholarship Online
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The Dinosauria

David Weishampel


This revised edition of this book continues in the same vein as the first but encompasses recent spectacular discoveries that have continued to revolutionize this field. A thorough scientific view of current world research, the volume includes comprehensive coverage of dinosaur systematics, reproduction, and life history strategies, biogeography, taphonomy, paleoecology, thermoregulation, and extinction. It contains definitive descriptions and illustrations of these magnificent Mesozoic beasts. The first section of the book begins with the origin of the great clade of these fascinating reptile ... More

Keywords: dinosaur systematics, reproduction, life history strategies, biogeography, taphonomy, paleoecology, thermoregulation, extinction, dinosaur taxon, Mesozoic radiation

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Print publication date: 2004 Print ISBN-13: 9780520242098
Published to California Scholarship Online: March 2012 DOI:10.1525/california/9780520242098.001.0001


Affiliations are at time of print publication.

David Weishampel, editor

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David B. Weishampel, Peter Dodson, and Halszka Osmólska

Section One Dinosaur Systematics


Thomas R. Holtz, and Halszka Osmólska

Two Basal Saurischia

Max C. Langer

Three Ceratosauria

Ronald S. Tykoski, and Timothy Rowe

Four Basal Tetanurae

Thomas R. Holtz, Ralph E. Molnar, and Philip J. Currie

Five Tyrannosauroidea

Thomas R. Holtz

Six Ornithomimosauria

Peter J. Makovicky, Yoshitsugu Kobayashi, and Philip J. Currie

Seven Therizinosauroidea

James M. Clark, Teresa Maryanska, and Rinchen Barsbold

Eight Oviraptorosauria

Halszka Osmólska, Philip J. Currie, and Rinchen Barsbold

Nine Troodontidae

Peter J. Makovicky, and Mark A. Norell

Ten Dromaeosauridae

Mark A. Norell, and Peter J. Makovicky

Eleven Basal Avialae

Kevin Padian

Twelve Prosauropoda

Peter M. Galton, and Paul Upchurch

Thirteen Sauropoda

Paul Upchurch, Paul M. Barrett, and Peter Dodson


David B. Weishampel

Fourteen Basal Ornithischia

David B. Norman, Lawrence M. Witmer, and David B. Weishampel

Fifteen Basal Thyreophora

David B. Norman, Lawrence M. Witmer, and David B. Weishampel

Sixteen Stegosauria

Peter M. Galton, and Paul Upchurch

Seventeen Ankylosauria

Matthew K. Vickaryous, Teresa Maryanska, and David B. Weishampel

Eighteen Basal Ornithopoda

David B. Norman, Hans-Dieter Sues, Lawrence M. Witmer, and Rodolfo A. Coria

Nineteen Basal Iguanodontia

David B. Norman

Twenty Hadrosauridae

John R. Horner, David B. Weishampel, and Catherine A. Forster

Twenty-One Pachycephalosauria

Teresa Maryanska, Ralph E. Chapman, and David B. Weishampel

Twenty-Two Basal Ceratopsia

You Hailu, and Peter Dodson

Twenty-Three Ceratopsidae

Peter Dodson, Catherine A. Forster, and Scott D. Sampson

Section Two Dinosaur Distribution and Biology

Twenty-Four Dinosaur Distribution

David B. Weishampel, Paul M. Barrett, Rodolfo A. Coria, Jean Le Loeuff, Xu Xing, Zhao Xijin, Ashok Sahni, Elizabeth M. P. Gomani, and Christopher R. Noto

Twenty-Five Dinosaur Taphonomy

Anthony R. Fiorillo, and David A. Eberth

Twenty-Six Dinosaur Paleoecology

David E. Fastovsky, and Joshua B. Smith

Twenty-Seven Mesozoic Biogeography of Dinosauria

Thomas R. Holtz, Ralph E. Chapman, and Matthew C. Lamanna

Twenty-Eight Physiology of Nonavian Dinosaurs

Anusuya Chinsamy, and Willem J. Hillenius

Twenty-Nine Dinosaur Physiology

Kevin Padian, and John R. Horner

Thirty Dinosaur Extinction

J. David Archibald, and David E. Fastovsky