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Cenozoic Mammals of Africa - California Scholarship Online
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Cenozoic Mammals of Africa

Lars Werdelin


This volume is a comprehensive review of the African mammalian fossil record over the past 65 million years. The book includes current taxonomic and systematic revisions of all African mammal taxa, detailed compilations of fossil site occurrences, and a wealth of information regarding paleobiology, phylogeny, and biogeography. Primates, including hominins, are particularly well covered. The discussion addresses the systematics of endemic African mammals, factors relating to species richness, and a summary of isotopic information. The work also provides contextual information about Cenozoic Afr ... More

Keywords: Africa, mammalian taxa, fossil record, paleobiology, phylogeny, biogeography, primates, systematics, species richness, Cenozoic African tectonics

Bibliographic Information

Print publication date: 2010 Print ISBN-13: 9780520257214
Published to California Scholarship Online: March 2012 DOI:10.1525/california/9780520257214.001.0001


Affiliations are at time of print publication.

Lars Werdelin, editor

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Physical and Temporal Setting

Four Global and African Regional Climate during the Cenozoic

Sarah J. Feakins, and Peter B. Demenocal

Five A Review of the Cenozoic Vegetation History of Africa

Bonnie F. Jacobs, Aaron D. Pan, and Christopher R. Scotese

The Fauna: Taxonomic Accounts

Part One Metatheria

Six Marsupialia

Gregg F. Gunnell

Part Two Afrotheria

Seven Ptolemaiida

Gregg F. Gunnell, Philip D. Gingerich, and Patricia A. Holroyd

Eight Macroscelidea

Patricia A. Holroyd

Nine Tenrecoidea

Robert J. Asher

Ten Tubulidentata

Patricia A. Holroyd

Twelve Embrithopoda

William J. Sanders, D. Tab Rasmussen, and John Kappelman

Thirteen Hyracoidea

D. Tab Rasmussen, and Mercedes Gutiérrez

Fourteen Sirenia

Daryl P. Domning, Iyad S. Zalmout, and Philip D. Gingerich

Fifteen Proboscidea

William J. Sanders, Emmanuel Gheerbrant, John M. Harris, Haruo Saegusa, and Cyrille Delmer

Part Three Euarchontoglires

Seventeen Rodentia

Alisa J Winkler, Christiane Denys, and D. Margaret Avery

Eighteen Lagomorpha

Alisa J. Winkler, and D. Margaret Avery

Twenty-One Subfossil Lemurs of Madagascar

Laurie R. Godfrey, William L. Jungers, and David A. Burney

Twenty-Two Paleogene Anthropoids

Erik R. Seiffert, Elwyn L. Simons, John G. Fleagle, and Marc Godinot

Twenty-Three Cercopithecoidea

Nina G. Jablonski, and Stephen Frost

Twenty-Five Hominini

Laura M. Maclatchy, Jeremy Desilva, William J. Sanders, and Bernard Wood

Part Four Laurasiatheria

Twenty-Six Creodonta

Margaret E. Lewis, and Michael Morlo

Twenty-Seven Prionogalidae (Mammalia Incertae Sedis)

Lars Werdelin, and Susanne M. Cote

Thirty Chiroptera

Gregg F. Gunnell

Thirty-One Pholidota


Thirty-Two Carnivora

Lars Werdelin, and Stéphane Peigné

Thirty-Three Chalicotheriidae

Margery C. Coombs, and Susanne M. Cote

Thirty-Five Equidae

Raymond L. Bernor, Miranda J. Armour-Chelu, Henry Gilbert, Thomas M. Kaiser, and Ellen Schulz

Thirty-Six Tragulidae

Denis Geraads

Thirty-Eight Bovidae

Alan W. Gentry

Thirty-Nine Giraffoidea

John M. Harris, Nikos Solounias, and Denis Geraads

Forty Cervidae

Alan W. Gentry

Forty-One Camelidae

John M. Harris, Denis Geraads, and Nikos Solounias

Forty-Two Suoidea

Laura C. Bishop

Forty-Three Anthracotheriidae

Patricia A. Holroyd, Fabrice Lihoreau, Gregg F. Gunnell, and Ellen R. Miller

Forty-Four Hippopotamidae

Eleanor Weston, and Jean-Renaud Boisserie

Forty-Five Cetacea

Philip D. Gingerich

Broader Perspectives

Forty-Six Systematics of Endemic African Mammals

Robert J. Asher, and Erik R. Seiffert

Forty-Seven Mammal Species Richness in Africa

Peter Andrews, and Eileen M. O’Brien

Forty-Eight Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes in East African Mammals: Modern and Fossil

Thure E. Cerling, John M. Harris, Meave G. Leakey, Benjamin H. Passey, and Naomi E. Levin

End Matter